Monday, December 26, 2011


So tonight I went over to my friends house to “hang out”. I always love going to her house for a few reasons. One is because she has a sister and 3 brothers, so there’s always a lot of people. Two is because we’ve grown up together, so her family is like my second family. And three, because there’s 5 kids in the house (and someone usually has a friend or two over. For example, on Christmas there were 13 of us all sitting around one table at one point), so it’s very exciting and loud, which is the complete opposite of my only child household. Usually when I’m there we watch movies, eat, or do a back massage trains (exciting, right?). But tonight we wanted something different. So tonight we had the genius idea of playing Sardines. If you don’t know what Sardines is, it’s kind of like hide-and-seek, but better. So me, Christine, Emily, her boyfriend Jeff, and her little brother David, all played an epic game of Sardines. Now, I could go into detail about who hid where and who found who. But the real interest is the hide-and-seek phenomena. So riddle me this, why do you always have to pee right when you are hiding? Like seriously? You could go to the bathroom right before the game starts, but the minute you hide your bladder immediately swells and feels like it might burst. This causes you to be extremely uncomfortable while crouching and hiding somewhere and also leaves you with that panicky internal battle that goes a little something like this: “oh crap. Should I pee in my pants or should I leave my awesome hiding spot to go to the bathroom?” Well, let me leave you with this nugget of wisdom. Don’t ever leave your hiding spot. Ever. The minute you do, you don’t have to pee anymore and then you’ve given up your location for no reason.  

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