Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Disney Vault

The Disney Vault really freaks me out. I don’t like having my options taken away, so when they tell me that they are putting a classic childhood movie in the vault forever, it just makes me really anxious. I mean, I’ve only seen Bambi once, and I don’t think I really liked it. But these commercials keep reminding me that it’s going in the magical Disney Vault (PS where is this vault and is it guarded like Fort Knox?) and won’t be available EVER again. Something about that makes me want to drive to Walmart and run through the aisles screaming “WAIT BAMBI, WAIT! DON’T ENTER THE VAULT YET! WHAT IF I GET A COMPLETELY RANDOM URGE TO WATCH YOU SOMETIME?” I guess vaults in general just make me nervous. Like, what the heck is in there and why can’t I get to it? Sooooo, is that just me? Does the Disney Vault send you into a complete panic too?

*Ugh. P.S. When I searched Google to find this picture, it came with a list of movies that have been in the vault or are being put in the vault. I need a Klonopin, ASAP.

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